Can I park sideways on the pitch?

Generally speaking, no.  You must park sensibly, not getting too close to the adjacent pitches.  If you have a small campervan you might be able to park sideways on some of the pitches.

Do you accept continental motorhomes/caravans with doors on the other side?

Yes but only if you park considerately.  Grass EHU pitches are a better option for continental vehicles.  On hardstanding pitches, the only option for continental vehicles is to drive forwards onto the pitch.  This way your door will open onto the correct side (not onto neighbour’s pitch). This can be a problem if you have an awning.  

What is the size of the EHU pitches?

The pitches vary in size.  The hard standing pitches are better suited to large caravans/motorhomes.  Of the grass standing EHUs, pitches #6 , 7, or 8 are the largest.