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Frequently Asked Questions

Site Access

  • What time must I arrive/depart?

    Arrivals from between midday and 8pm (later for rental tents).  Departures by 11am.

  • Do I need to check-in before pitching?

    Yes, you must check in with a staff member before pitching.  Staff will show you where you can/can’t pitch.

  • Can I park by my pitch?

    In most cases, yes you can park alongside your pitch.  Sign written vans or particularly large vehicles will be asked to park at the site entrance.

  • When are the entrance gates locked? What happens if I get back late?

    The security gates are locked between 11pm-6am.  If you arrive back late please park up on the right of the gate, taking care not to block access points.  Then, you can walk into the campsite. Please collect your car before 9am the following morning.

  • Can I bring an extra car?

    Yes, you can although there is an extra charge as we encourage guests to travel in as few vehicles as possible.

  • Will my vehicle get stuck in the mud?

    It’s very unlikely.  We are situated up high on chalky soil which drains very quickly.  Sometimes the gateways can get a little slippery but the site never waterlogs in the camping season.

  • What if my car gets a flat battery?

    Unfortunately we are not insured to jump-start vehicles.  Please call an appropriate breakdown recovery service for assistance.

  • Is the campsite disabled accessible?

    We have a modern disabled accessible wet room on site (containing WC, shower and basin).  You can request an access key when you arrive.  Please note that the camping fields can be uneven with long grass.

  • Can I request an early arrival, late departure or extend my stay?

    You can but we can’t make any guarantees, particularly when the campsite is busy.

  • Can I arrive on foot or bike?

    Yes of course!  But please be aware that the main road can be busy with only a narrow pavement – please take care on the approach to the campsite. There are also 2 footpaths/bridleways which come very close to the campsite for hikers and off-road bikers.  For more information please email us.

  • Can I have visitors?

    Yes, up to 5 visitors are allowed per group at any one time.  All visitors must pay a visitor fee (either in advance or on arrival).  Visitors must depart before it gets dark.

  • Can I order a supermarket delivery or take-away food?

    Yes but please ensure the delivery is arranged to the top of the farm driveway by the large black grain silos. Delivery drivers are not allowed off road, so please ensure they have your contact number to arrange collection on arrival.

  • Locally, what is within walking distance of the campsite?
    • Loads of great walks including Ivinghoe Beacon, Pitstone Hill, Incombe Hole and The Ashridge Estate
    • Rose and Crown Pub, Ivinghoe.
    • Village Swan Pub, Ivinghoe Aston.
    • CuriosiTEA Cafe, Ivinghoe.
    • The Kings Head restaurant Ivinghoe (fine dining only!).
    • Post Office and convenience store, Ivinghoe.
    • Park with play equipment, Ivinghoe.
    • Ivinghoe Golf Club.
    • Haldi Indian Restaurant, Ivinghoe.
    • The village of Aldbury (1 hour + walk).


  • Booking and Paying

  • When is the campsite open?

    Typically the campsite is open from late May to late September. The campsite may be open outside of these dates for EHU pitches and DofE groups. Please use the book now button to check availability.

  • How do I book? Can I pay on arrival?

    All bookings are made online.  All bookings must be booked and paid in advance.   You can secure your booking with a 25% booking fee, the remaining 75% balance is due 4 weeks prior to your arrival date.  You cannot pay on arrival.

  • When do I need to pay the balance?

    At least 4 weeks prior to your arrival date.  If you don’t, your booking may be cancelled.

  • Can I alter my dates?

    Only if you give us at least 28 days notice prior to your scheduled arrival date. Transfers are at our discretion and pending availability for the deferred date. A fee of £10 per pitch booking is due for any date transfers. One date transfer per booking.

  • Do you accept groups?

    From 2021 we will only be accepting groups of 4 pitches or fewer (regardless of whether the pitches are adjacent or separate). If larger groups are identified, their bookings will be cancelled and they will be asked to leave the campsite without a refund.
    Groups of 3 or more pitches must enquire to check availability prior to booking online. Groups of 2 pitches can book online.
    From 2021, it will no longer be possible for campers to reserve specific areas on site in advance. Like most other sites, we will operate camping pitch allocation on a ‘first come, first served” basis which means that pitches will only be allocated on arrival. The first member of any group to arrive will be able to hold adjacent pitches for their friends.
    Please be aware that we do not accept adult only groups – Town Farm is not a suitable location for loud groups/late nights/parties! Please read our T&Cs especially regarding noise, music, and fires.

  • Do you accept dogs?

    Well behaved dogs can be booked in online.  Dogs must be kept on lead at all on times.  Dogs must be cleaned up after. Dangerous dogs are not allowed.

  • Does the campsite fully book?

    Yes, Summer weekends usually fully book at least 4 weeks in advance.  Advanced booking is required. Midweek nights (Sunday – Thursday) don’t usually fully book.

  • What happens in the event of severe weather preventing me from attending?

    Camping is an outdoor activity and on the whole we do not make allowances  for the poor weather.  In the event of an amber or red weather warning (Issued by the Met Office) we will make exceptions to this policy.  It is the responsibility of all guest to use their own judgement to assess their safety when in the outdoors.

  • No availability found when trying to book online?

    Typically this is because the customer has tried to book more than 6 people on a single booking. The booking system has a limit of 6 people per booking.  Please make one booking per pitch.  If this doesn’t solve the issue we’re probably fully booked.

  • Can I book to arrive the same day?

    No.  All bookings must be made online, at least 24 hours prior to arrival (subject to availability).  You cannot book/pay on arrival.

  • I can no longer make it, can I transfer my booking to a friend?

    No, bookings are non transferable.

  • Pitches for Tents, Campervans & Trailer Tents

  • Are the camping pitches marked out or allocated?

    No, the camping pitches are not marked out or allocated (so the pitch number on your booking is not relevant).  On arrival, please wait to be checked-in by a staff member, then you will be shown to a suitable pitching location.

  • Can I play music/guitar?

    No, we have a strict no music policy at all times, regardless of the volume.

  • Is electricity available on site?

    There are no electric hook ups available on the camping pitches.  There are power sockets available in the wash blocks if you need to recharge electricals or use hair dryers.  We recommend bringing a portable battery pack for recharging your personal electronics at your pitch.  Communal fridges and freezers are available but space is limited on the weekends. Generators are not allowed on site.

  • Can I bring a generator?

    No, generators are not allowed on site.

  • Can I bring a portable toilet?

    We have great toilets and showers available on site but you can bring a portable toilet if you wish.  Please ensure any waste is emptied at the chemical waste disposal point.

  • Can I pitch my tent alongside the electric pitches (alongside caravans/motorhomes)?

    If you would like to camp nearby friends/family staying on an electric pitch, please mention this to staff on arrival and they will endeavour to pitch you as nearby as possible to them.  Normally, it’s possible to pitch you within a 20-30 second walk of them!

  • Can I pitch alongside the rental tents?

    No more than 1 additional tent/campervan can pitch alongside each rental tent.  Contact us to find out more.  The rental tents can’t be moved.

  • Electric Pitches (EHUs) for Caravans, Motorhomes, Campervans and Trailer Tents

  • What is the size of the EHU pitches?

    The pitches vary in size.  The hard standing pitches are better suited to large caravans/motorhomes.  Of the grass standing EHUs, pitches #6 , 7, or 8 are the largest.

  • What is the maximum caravan/motorhome size?

    8 metres long maximum.

  • Can I park sideways on the pitch?

    Generally speaking, no.  You must park sensibly, not getting too close to the adjacent pitches.  If you have a small campervan you might be able to park sideways on some of the pitches.

  • What is the amperage of the EHUs?

    16 amps

  • Are the pitches fully serviced (with drinking water and grey water disposal)?

    Hard standing EHU pitches have their own drinking water tap and grey water drain, as well as access to the electrical hook up.

    Grass standing EHU pitches only have access to electrical hook up.  You can drain grey water onto the grass.  Water tap is about a 1 minute walk away.

  • Can I pitch without electricity (alongside the tent pitches)?

    Caravans & Motorhomes must pitch on the EHU pitches as per our planning permission.  They cannot pitch directly alongside the tents.

    Campervans & Trailer Tents can pitch alongside the tent pitches if preferred.

  • Can I pitch a tent on the EHUs?

    No.  Unfortunately tents cannot pitch on the EHUs but you can access power sockets in the wash blocks.

  • Can I play music or guitar?

    No, Town Farm has a strict no music policy at all times.

  • Do you accept continental motorhomes/caravans with doors on the other side?

    Yes but only if you park considerately.  Grass EHU pitches are a better option for continental vehicles.  On hardstanding pitches, the only option for continental vehicles is to drive forwards onto the pitch.  This way your door will open onto the correct side (not onto neighbour’s pitch). This can be a problem if you have an awning.  

  • Facilities & Additional Services

  • Are fires and BBQs allowed?

    Only if they’re raised above the ground in a suitable firepit and don’t damage the grass. Please follow these rules for everyone’s safety.

    >Raise fires/BBQs safely off the ground.
    If you’re unsure, ask a staff member to lend you some bricks.
    >Use only certified fire wood.
    Garden cuttings/timber offcuts create lots of smoke which can be toxic.
    >Never put BBQs inside a tent/awning.
    Even if it’s gone out. Carbon monoxide is a silent killer.
    >All fires/BBQs must be extinguished by midnight.
    If you don’t put it out yourself, we will have to. Please don’t feed your fire after 11pm. Extinguish carefully using water – steam burns.
    >Never dispose of ash/embers in hedgerows or bins.
    Ask a staff member to empty it for you.

  • How do I hire a firepit or buy wood and what is included?

    Firepit rental can be arranged when you book online, or alternatively on arrival.  The same applies for firewood. A staff member will deliver your firepit/wood to your pitch upon arrival.

    More wood is available to purchase from staff  each day before until 7pm.  We supply kindling and fire starters to get things started.

    An optional cooking grill is available for our firepits but we advise you to bring briquettes for extra cooking heat (these are not available on site).

    When you depart, we will empty and clean the firepit/grill, so just leave it on your pitch.

  • Can I bring my own firepit and wood?

    Yes, provided that…

    • …your firepit will actually protect the grass from damage (not all firepits are suitable for camping).
    • …you ask a staff member to empty your firepit for you (please don’t dump ashes or embers in bins or hedges).
    • …your wood is certified firewood. Never burn garden cuttings/timber off-cuts which create lots of sparks and smoke – which can be toxic.
    • …you extinguish your firepit before midnight.
  • Where do I empty firepit or BBQ ashes and embers?

    Please contact a staff member and they will facilitate this for you.

    Please don’t dump ashes or embers in bins or hedges.

  • Can we bring water pistols, water balloons or a paddling pool?

    Water pistols and paddling pools are permitted at your pitch but must be kept away from facilities.  Water balloons are not allowed as they are a hazard to wildlife.

  • Will there be an onsite caterer during my stay?

    Don’t count on it!  Sometimes we arrange street food vendors on summer weekends, but we can’t make any guarantees for external caterers.  If caterers have been arranged during your stay, you will be emailed details in the week leading up to your arrival  In the past we’ve enjoyed food including: pizzas, hog roasts, BBQs, Caribbean, and good old fish ‘n’ chips!

  • Is there an onsite shop?

    No, we only sell firewood on site.  The nearest shops are:

    • Post Office Store – Ivinghoe LU79EP (0.6 miles)
    • Mason’s Premier – Pitstone LU79AT (1.1 miles)
    • Closest Supermarket – Tesco, Tring HP235NB (4.2 miles)
  • Can I bring my hairdryer?

    Yes, there are power sockets at the wash blocks.

  • Is there a communal kitchen and fridge freezer?

    Yes the communal kitchen compromises of washing up sinks, microwaves, kettles and fridge freezer*.  There’s also a coin operated washing machine.

    * Fridge/freezer space can be limited so don’t count on it!  We recommend bringing a cool box and using our freezer to re-freeze your ice packs.

    • They are intended for food storage only.  Do not leave alcohol in them, it will be removed.
    • All food stored in the fridge/freezers must be bagged and labelled so remember to bring a marker pen.  Any unlabelled food will be removed and binned. Sorry!
  • Can I drink the water from the taps?

    All drinking water taps are clearly marked.

  • Is the hot water on a timer?

    No, the hot water is on 24/7.  Showers are free to use anytime.

  • Is there a disabled accessible WC and shower?

    Yes, our disabled accessible wet room is situated at the smaller wash block.

    It includes a toilet, wash basin and wet room shower.  If you require access please contact a staff member to loan a key.


  • Can you store my valuables/bicycle etc.?

    No, unfortunately not.

  • Do you keep lost property?

    Yes, where possible we keep hold of lost property for 28 days.  Please email us if you’ve lost something on site.  Items can be collected in person or by a paid postage service like click and collect.

  • Do you offer caravan/motorhome storage?

    No, we don’t offer any storage and we don’t know anywhere locally that does.  For security reasons most that do offer this service don’t advertise it!

  • Can I use the games room / tennis court?

    No the tennis court is private but we do have a basic games room with table tennis and table football available.  You can borrow table tennis bats and balls on site.

  • Is there WiFi internet on site?

    Yes and it’s free but be warned it’s not very fast, doesn’t cover the entire campsite and is prone to dropping out.

    The WiFi is intended for checking emails and booking future accommodation only (it’s not for streaming films/TV/youtube/gaming!).

  • Is there mobile phone reception on the campsite?

    There is limited coverage.  Some networks have better coverage than others but on the whole the signal is not strong.